Where it all started

The first market we started trading was Forex and after spending hours and hours in the charts trying to implement bits and pieces of various strategies, we finally got to a point where we needed to either give up on the dream of trading or actually figure out what works and what doesn't. 

This set us out on a journey and the first thing we did is remove every indicator and just look at the market for what it is. Through this process, we began to understand that the market doesn't actually follow indicators, indicators follow the market and that breakthrough is what propelled us down the correct road to understanding the true behavior of price action. 

The Change

I'm not going to pretend from here it was smooth sailing. Quite the opposite. 

Mastering the market takes time and it takes dedication but we became obsessed with it. It was either do or die at this point! And so from this mentality we started to see results. 

As we started to see results, we started to also notice what wasn't working. At this time we still were combining bit and pieces of other strategies such as MACD and other indicators. 

But the more results we saw, the more we noticed just how lagging those indicators are and just how inaccurate they can be for trade entries. 

Why We Created the Course

In January 2018, we started a YouTube channel to help the Cryptocurrency community over the very same hurdles we had to surmount as new traders.

We want to save other people just coming into trading the headache of trying to figure this all out. 

We spent countless hours banging our heads against the wall to get to this point and if we can speed that process up for you guys and get you to consistency quicker then that is the goal! 

We sincerely hope this course is the breakthrough you have been looking for in your trading and in your life! Best of luck!

- Joe and Randall, Bitraged

Start Your Journey

Now it's your turn. This isn't a get rich quick scheme by any means. It's going to take work but if you put in the effort, the results will come. And the rewards are worth it. What's your decision?

Yes, My Journey Starts Today